Written by PRF | 27 November 2010

Mizzou lost its chance of winning a third Big 12 North title in four years as Nebraska beat Colorado today.  While this is a disappointment, it comes as no surprise considering how bad Colorado is--Pac 10 bottom feeders they shall be for the next 12-squared years.  But, back to the topic on hand, Mizzou fans should not be too upset on this fine Friday night because of how easily they will all be sleeping tonight knowing KU is on the schedule tomorrow.  

 I am not alone in declaring that MU has absolutely zero, zero, zero chance of losing the game tomorrow against Kansas.  This isn't groundbreaking.  Turner Gill has been an utter disappointment in his first year.  Kansas has less talent than the South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs.  Todd Reesing no longer plays football (For as much as most MU fans disliked him, he was still a pretty good player.  Maybe.)  And there's no Kerry Meier (aka the best "make something out of nothing QB turned WR with a towel dangling down my pants" player I have seen in the last few years) or Dezmon Briscoe to throw too.  

 So, what's going to happen? Mizzou is going to win.  Gabbert will play great, but not great enough to convince himself to make the leap to the NFL.    Jerrell Jackson will have a touchdown catch.  TJ Moe will have two.  The Smith's will combine for four sacks.  Henry Josey will have a play for over 50+ yards.  And Grant Ressel will be perfect on PAT's.  Mizzou wins 42-14. Don't believe me?  You better start parlaying those bets now, because you are listening to the guy that in the preseason picked bowl-ineligible Texas and Ohio State to be playing for the National Championship.   

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Written by Slim | 23 November 2010

Can't wait for Saturday: no comments

Written by Slim | 22 November 2010

Wins by Mizzou, losses by our rivals, and some drama in nubland combined for a great weekend for Tiger fans.  We can only hope this coming weekend goes as well.


Mizzou beating Iowa State wasn't the only good news for Tiger fans last weekend. (Photo by Joshua Bickel, Columbia Tribune. See his entire slide show here.)

11:00am Saturday – kU loses… again

I woke up Saturday, flipped on the TV surprised to see kU up 14-10 on Oklahoma State at the end of the first quarter.  I was almost starting to worry kU could be improving until OSU rattled off 38 straight points to give the jayhawks their usual beating.  This one ended 48-10.  Less than 40,000 were in attendance for kU’s final home beating of the season, many of whom were Pokes fans anyway.  kU finishes the season 3-4 at home.  In those four home losses kU’s average margin of defeat was 31 points.  Keep in mind that includes its loss to North Dakota State where the beakers only lost by three.

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Written by Slim | 19 November 2010


As hard as it may be, Mizzou must take these guys seriously.

For the Missouri football team, playing Iowa State is like playing your younger brother in a game of one-on-one in the driveway.  You (Mizzou) are a varsity point guard.  You’ve got more experience in big games, you’re bigger and more talented.  Your little brother has had his struggles but now he’s improved to become a solid contributor to the JV team.  He’s not as talented, he’s doesn’t quite match up physically, but he’s always motivated to beat the big brother.  You know that if you screw around and don’t take the match-up seriously, your little brother, motivated to beat you for the first time in four tries will take advantage.  A couple lucky breaks here and there and all of a sudden you could find yourself on the short side of an embarrassing loss to someone you consider less talented.

That’s about as well as I can break down Iowa State.  The bottom line is, they just aren’t as good as the Missouri Tigers.  The ‘Clones are no longer a laughing stock of college football, but they aren’t a team that’s on par with Mizzou.

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Written by Slim | 18 November 2010

Back in June I caught up with Mizzou guard Kim English to get his thoughts on the upcoming season, the incoming recruits, and how he's progressing as a player.  Since the basketball season officially tips off tonight I figured I'd post the Q&A again.


Originally posted on June 5, 2010

Mizzourah: I’ve heard you’ve been working on your midrange game a lot this summer. How’s that coming?

English: “Last year I took a lot of shots I didn’t want to take. I forced things a bit. Now I’ve realized if I improve my ball handling I can get by guys. But when I can’t get by them, now I can just stop and shoot over them. It’ll be nice to have a little midrange game to be able to do that. Sam Cassell has been up to the gym I play at a few times this summer. I’ve been working with him, trying to learn from him, because in my mind he has one of the best midrange games of all time.”

You're known for having a great work ethic.  What motivates you?

"Whatever I do, I want to be the best at it. I want to win a national championship. I want to be the best basketball player to ever come through Mizzou. I want to be the basketball ever. Now to some that may seem far-fetched, but that’s why I’m working. I’m workin’ to be the best. It may sound like a lot, but it’s true. If I shoot for that, even if I don’t necessarily make it, I’ll still be in some good company."

“I want to win a national championship. I want to be the best basketball player to ever come through Mizzou… I’m workin’ to be the best.”

 - Kim English

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Written by Slim | 17 November 2010


We all know Michael Egnew is good.  Now he should be rewarded for it. (Photo from Kansascity.com)

Earlier this week Missouri tight end Michael Egnew was named a Mackey Award semifinalist.  The Mackey Award is given annually to the top tight end in college football.  You may remember Chase Coffman won it in 2008.

This is Missouri’s third standout tight end in four seasons.  In 2007, Martin Rucker was a first team All-American.  In 2008 Coffman took over, and now Egnew is following in their footsteps.  For the sake of comparison, here is how Egnew’s 2010 season stacks up to Rucker and Coffman’s best seasons.  I also threw in the 2009 stats of Florida tight end Aaron Hernandez.  He won the Mackey last year.  Keep in mind Egnew is only a junior.  The following stats for Rucker and Coffman are both from their senior seasons.

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Written by Slim | 16 November 2010


Jacquies Smith's TD turned the tide against K-State and now has fans looking forward to bigger and better things. (Photo by Parker Eshelman, Columbia Tribune.)

Seconds after Jacquies Smith’s 53-yard scoop-and-score Saturday, there seemed to be a collective sigh from Missouri Tiger fans.  The Smith touchdown marked the turning point in the K-State game and Tiger fans began to breath easier.  “We’re back,” we said.

A quarter and a half later, Mizzou had officially improved to 8-2.  The losing streak, if you can call two games a streak, was over.  With only Iowa State and kU remaining on Missouri’s schedule, many fans have gone ahead and penciled in our Tigers as 10-2.

These fans wonder aloud and on message boards things like, “What bowl possibilities are there for us when we’re 10-2 and 6-2 in the Big 12?  Cotton Bowl?  Surely we wouldn’t fall to the Insight Bowl.  Even so, at least we won 10 games this year.”

All of these things are good conversation starters except for one thing: Missouri isn’t 10-2 yet.  Mizzou is 8-2. Potentially, it could finish 2010 with the same disappointing record it finished 2009: 8-5.  Granted, if I were a betting man, I would bet Missouri beats Iowa State and kU.  In fact, I’d bet Mizzou beats both those teams handily.  Yet, I also would have bet the Tigers would beat Texas Tech.  I would have bet Texas would be better than 4-6.  I would have bet that Oklahoma State wouldn’t start the season 9-1.

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Written by Slim | 10 November 2010

i_copy_copy For the second straight week Mizzou struggled. Now the Tigers drag their tails back to  Columbia  for the final home game of the season. Whose stock is rising and whose is falling as  Mizzou tries to rebound from a disappointing loss at Texas Tech?

Three Up:

uparrowgMarcus Murphy – Fr. - RB

The freshman Texas-native took his first carry of the game 69 yards to the house. Clearly that  set the tone for the entire game quarter. Everyone loves Henry Josey, but don’t sleep on  Murphy. Dude only has 18 carries this year but he averages 9.4 yards per carry. No, that’s not  a typo. The future is bright for the Mizzou backfield.

uparrowgMarcus Lucas – Fr. - WR

He caught one pass for six yards at Texas Tech. That’s not exactly a stat line that exemplifies  “rising stock.” However, at media day on Monday Gary Pinkel raved about Lucas. Pinkel  told  the media Lucas is rapidly improving and making a case for more and more playing  time. Against Tech, it seemed that every receiver was dropping passes. The fact that Lucas didn’t sets him apart this week.

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Written by PRF | 05 November 2010

College football is really starting to piss me off.  Not because the games are less exciting then they used to be.  They aren't.  One look at Faurot Field two weeks ago against OU and there is your proof right there.  No psychoanalytic testing required.  Just plain craziness.  College football has the tailgates, the beer, the barbecues, and the smoking hot girls with stickers on their cheeks decked out in their school's dual color garb of choice.  What ticks me off isn't the game itself, the people who play it or those who support it.  Rather, what irks me is the foundation it rests upon: purist Capitalism in the most awful sense possible--that of which takes away the integrity of the game.

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Written by Slim | 05 November 2010

I've been pretty lazy this week in terms of posting articles, but here's a quick wrap-up of things going on in the Mizzou sports world.


Missouri has had its way with Texas Tech lately.

Mizzou vs. Texas Tech

Obviously, this is the big event of the weekend.  Honestly, I just don't think it's a very intriguing match up.  Texas Tech is an average team, without any standouts to grab attention of the average fan.  Tech comes in at 4-4 and still have to play Mizzou, Oklahoma and Houston.  They really need this win or they're going to be struggling for bowl eligibility.  Missouri's run defense got exposed by Nebraska, but that shouldn't be a problem against Tech.  The Red Raiders are running more but still rank 11th in the Big 12 in rushing offense.  Even better news for Mizzou is that Tech can't stop anybody either.  Their D ranks 119th nationally against the pass.  Last week they gave up 449 passing yards to Texas A&M's backup.  Yes, they're playing at home at night, but Tech just doesn't have the horses to run with Mizzou.  As long as Missouri shows up on time this week,  it should snag another win over Tech (The Tigers have won three straight over TT).  Prediction: 42-27 Mizzou.

Mizzou vs. Harris Stowe

The basketball season tips off tonight.  Yes, it's only an exhibition, but I'm excited to go and get a look at this team in person.  Plus, Mizzou will be debuting the new uni's so there's that to look forward to.  In recent years, exhibition games have drawn 5-7,000 fans.  I think there will be a few more than that on hand tonight.  I can't speak for alumni, but the students are absolutely pumped for basketball season.  I wouldn't be surprised if the student section was full all year long beginning tonight.

Recruiting Update

The football team picked up its 14th verbal commitment for the 2011 class last night, according to powermizzou.com.  The latest commit is Brandon Durant.  Durant is an outside linebacker from Copperas Cove, Texas.  Depending on where you look he's listed anywhere from 6-0, 180 lbs. to 6-1, 205 lbs.  Durant claims he can run a sub 4.5 40-yard dash.  He is currently unranked by rivals.com and was previously committed to UTEP.  Before you start worrying about his rivals ranking and lack of offers, let me list some other Texas linebackers that committed to Mizzou.

  • Sean Weatherspoon - 2 star
  • Will Ebner - 3 star
  • Zaviar Gooden - 3 star
  • Donovan Bonner - 2 star
Not a shabby list.  That's all for now.  Enjoy the games this weekend.
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